About Us

Recruitment 4 Care offers a unique service for candidates and companies involved in the recruitment process.

Our team have over eighteen years of experience within care, education and recruitment and so we know the skills and experience needed to succeed; for companies and candidates. Our vision is to make the employment experience a productive one, where companies don’t waste their valuable time on candidates that don’t have the skills and experience or just don’t turn up, and where candidates feel valued and prepared for the positions they are looking for, to enable a long-lasting career.


All companies will be given a named consultant for each recruitment required. The consultant will initially source key information about your company and also the position(s) you wish to fill. There may be generic requirements such as previous experience, but also specific information such as ability to drive or key training to meet the users and business needs, the Job Description will also enable our search. Our consultant will personally check the candidates from our data base and match them to the job description and requirements given. Only then will our consultant put them forward for an interview. If required, our consultants can arrange telephone interviews or other pre interview requirements.


All candidates will have an initial meeting with a consultant who will sign you up to our service and support you in the development of a CV if required. Your details will then be added to our database which is able to highlight individual strengths, qualifications and experience. When our consultants are sourcing candidates for vacancies, matching CVs will be highlighted. Our consultants who are working with employers will then make contact about vacant posts, ensuring you wish to be put forward and also if there are any questions and agree interview availability.

Reflective Practice

Following the interview process we will obtain feedback from all parties to always improve the service we offer to companies and candidates.


Our Service is free to candidates.

Our competitive rates, as shown below, are all-inclusive with no set-up fee. Your jobs are advertised on the major national job boards, and payment is only made when a candidate is successfully recruited. As part of the package, we will also advertise positions on our job spot.

Salary of Job position up to £19,999 – FEE £1,200
Salary of Job position £20,000 plus – FEE £2,000

We also provide a sliding scale clawback agreement up to 12 weeks after a successful recruitment.

For more information and details of our current monthly offers, please contact us.